Olivier Decru

Olivier Decru
Creative Thinker
Roeselare, Belgium
Android: Introduction MIT app inventor
Chalk paints: Small furniture
Chalk paints: Decoupage
Chalk paints: Waxes & gold leaf
Photo transfer on wood
Stained glass
Micro controllers

RPi, Arduino, Teensy, Wemos

PCB design
Software skills
Photoshop elements
Siemens NX

Bachelor industrial product design (minor interior)
Howest Kortrijk2022-Present

in progress

Graduate degree in computer science
Vives Kortrijk2006-2008
TSO3 Computer technician
CVO VTI Roeselare2004-2006
BSO3 Industrial electricity
KTA & VTI Roeselare2000-2002

Dropped out in the last moths

BSO2 Residential electricity
KTA Roeselare1998-2000
BSO1 Industrial techniques
RMS Roeselare1996-1998

woodworking, metalworking, construction & electricity

Other education
KSO: Sculpting
SASK Roeselare2022-Present
KSO: Project studio (monumental art)
SASK Roeselare2021-Present
Woodworking: Furniture maker
CVO CREO Roeselare2017-2022
Digital Photography
CVO CREO Roeselare2021
Welding: Introduction MMA/MIG/TIG
CVO CREO Roeselare2020
Catering: Streetfood
CVO CREO Roeselare2017
Catering: Bites & drinks
CVO CREO Roeselare2016
Car mechanics: Mechanical groups
CVO VTI Roeselare2004
Ethical hacking & infosec
Certified Primergy systems engineer
Fujitsu Siemens2008
Certified Primergy pre-sales consultant
Fujitsu Siemens2008
Certified mobility sales professional
Fujitsu Siemens2008
HFC technician for internet and IDTV
Vormelek – Formelec2005
Other courses
OSCP: Offensive Security Certified Professional (training only)
Offensive Security2015
Creative Entrepreneur
Self employed2021-2022

On-demand services (3D printing and laser cutting)

Senior IT Engineer
Skyline Communications2008-2022
Volunteer work
Core-Orga: Infrastructure & Logistics
Fri3d Camp2021-Present
Lab manager
Makers opPost (makerspace)2018-Present
Henk's army of makers
Maker faire Gent2019, 2022 & 2023