Welcome to my personal website

My name is Olivier Decru, and I’m a creative thinker and problem solver. After working in the IT sector for 14 years, was it time for a big change. I decided to follow my passion to create and make stuff, so I started the education of industrial product design (minor interior) at Howest IDC in September 2022.
Besides my current studies, I’m also an art student at the local art school SASK.

My native language is Dutch, so most of my blog posts are in Dutch.

Who Am I?

  • name -> Olivier Decru
  • nickname -> Olli
  • born -> 1983
  • location -> Roeselare, Belgium
  • personality -> INTP-T

Favorite quote :

“With both feet on the ground, you won’t get a step further”

Three random facts you should know about me :

  1. I’m dyslexic, so yes there are spelling errors in my posts
  2. I’m an all-around creative person
  3. I’m always open to learn new interesting skills